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The menu of Sushi Nakao will be left to the itamae (chef) who modernizes nigiri respecting the Edo-style of holding sushi. Enjoy 7 a la carte and 15 pieces of nigiri with seasonal vegetables and seafood.

4th Anniversary Course

  • Nigiri 10 pieces

  • Miso soup

  • Drink (Beer/Soft drink)

¥10,000 (taxes included )

Omakase (chef's choice course)

  • A la carte  7 items :  hors d’oeuvre, fresh fish, cold appetizer, Grilled food, excellent food, owner’s recommendation, steamed food

  • Nigiri  15 pieces

  • miso soup

¥25,000 (taxes included )

Omakase (chef's choice)

  • Nigiri 15 pieces

  • Miso soup

¥16,000 (taxes included )

Omakase Lunch Course (chef's choice)

  • Nigiri 10 pieces

  • Miso soup

¥16,000 (taxes included, Cash only)

Entry time 12:00 pm



Sake,  Shochu,  Wine,  Beer, Soft drink

Sushi Nakao 

The chef goes to the fish market, Tsukiji or Toyosu, by himself and buy seasonal sea food with his cultivated judgement. (The ingredients change each time depen-ding on the market or the arrival situation. ) He tightens seafood with vinegar and mature them for long time keeping careful preparation in mind.

We also have a variety of drinks, including Japanese sake, shochu, wine, and champagne, so please feel free to ask.


We use natural ingredients, no additives, special cultivation, organic ingredients, and natural water as much as possible. When making a reservation, please feel free to tell us about your preferences, dislikes, allergies, etc.

We sincerely look forward to your visit.


Directions and Transportation

  • 1 minutes’ walk from Ikenoue Station, Tokyu Inogashira-Line

  • 6 minutes by train from Sibuya Station

  • 13 minutes by taxi from Shibuya Station

Daisawa 2-36-21, Setagaya, Tokyo 155-0032


Our shop is a complete reservation system. Please visit for dining alone, couples, families, and private use. Please make a reservation at least 3 days before your visit using the reservation form below.  (Terms of use)

Maximum of 7 seats

  • Please call us when you reserve for more than 5 people.

  • In case of the closed day or if you cannot decide the number of people, please contact us and we may prepare seats for you.


Contact us / Reservation


Thank you for your inquiry. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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